The benefits of having a Heathrow VIP service

If you are a regular global holidaymaker or traveling salesman, as it were, then you may only be dreaming of such a service. Because to benefit from the prestigious Heathrow VIP service must surely cost a fortune. Indeed, it invariably does, and it usually depends who you speak with and connect with. But to have and to hold such an exceptional service usually only afforded to the few, those who have the money and those who know people, are all within the realm of possibility for you, just another one of the millions of holiday travelers and businessmen and women moving in and around and out of Heathrow Airport, or JFK, depending where in the world you are stationed.

As early as today, and all from something as small and remote as your mobile and accessed app, you can begin the process of indulging yourself in luxury treatment at the Heathrow lounge whilst waiting on your flight. You can also wine and dine, and you can even do a spot of last minute but pleasure-fulfillment shopping before boarding your plane. It is just a matter of connecting with the correct airport service agent, otherwise known as your meet and greet rep.

Because the service really does start proper by the time you have left your parked vehicle. You can expect your agent to take care of this too, particularly if you are going to need to leave your vehicle at one of the world’s busiest airports. Good service advice is another thing you can expect from your agent. Expect to be told that it may just be more sustainable and practical to leave transport matters entirely in the agency’s hands.

All this and more leads to a successful and flawless flight departure. In partaking in a luxurious experience, perhaps it is more appropriate to adopt a little formality. Your agent can otherwise be known as your reliable and trustworthy concierge. The more refers to a whole host of other welcome services you can expect or request. The luxury lounge treatment, by the way, is included in your entire service package fee.

Heathrow VIP service

Expect your full package to include bag assistance, the claiming of VAT refunds during and after shopping and the purchase of your tickets and payment of visa fees, where required, customs clearances, security reassurances and all checking in (and out) procedures. Bags will be carried for you the entire way. This route starts when you leave home or office and ends when your luggage is safely and securely loaded onto your plane.

With agents operating at five hundred terminals across the world, they understand the varying processes that need to be negotiated in order to claim back monies spent on VAT. And your check ins can be personalized for your own private convenience. Paying the service fees, why not then. Why not be as far away from the madding crowd as possible while you board your plane comfortably and on time.