Imagine The Surprise On His Face When You Tell Him That Love Spells Brought You Together

love spells

You are walking down the street, on your way to the office in the morning, and there he goes. He is going in the opposite direction, figuratively and literally and you say to yourself that you are not about to let this big fish get away. Good for you. It is about time. For far too many mornings you have been doing the same thing. You see him and all you can do is gasp for breath. There he goes again. He sure does look quite dashing in his suit and shiny shoes. If you do not act now he may not be walking on by the next morning.

So, what is a good girl like you to do? You know what they say. Good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere. If only you could. Right about now, you want to sail away straight into this man’s heart. Does this have something to do with your hair or is it the conservative dress code that you have coyly decided to stick to. Well, good on you, girl. Looks aren’t everything, you know. It may surprise some girls to know that a big attraction for any strong and confident man is the woman’s intellect. Be prepared to agree to disagree and never simply nod your head in agreement thinking that this is going to please him.

But first he must know. First he must know that you are interested. Before he leaves town on a promotion or wherever, cast a few love spells over him. It’s like stardust in your eyes. Before you know it, you have dropped your bag on the sidewalk, not even noticing him. And before you know it, in his own swashbuckling way, he swooped to the sidewalk and lifted your bag and offered it back to you with a ‘there you go, ma’am’. He called you ma’am. Gosh, what century are we living in then? Not to worry, this is no dream world nor is it the twilight zone.

The spells were cast and the magic dust has settled. The man is head over heels over you. You did not need to do a further thing. He offered to pick you up in the nicest and most gentlemanly sort of way. Coffee and a discussion of the day’s events have been completed skipped. Straight on to the main course, if you please. You do not mind at all. Thought you’d never ask dear kind sir. Whoopsy daisy, what have you just said. Do you tell the man now that you have had your eyes on him for ages? Do you tell him that it is all down to you and those magical love spells that you are now seated at this fine restaurant on a finely lit moonstruck evening.

It is a magical night indeed. It is the perfect night for love.