Working as a Content Creator on YouTube

Being on YouTube is probably the most non-traditional job that you could choose. There are some other types of jobs that are comparable, but we believe that no job has the least likelihood of a financial future as being a YouTube content creator. Why? Because the odds are not in your favor. You may think we are attempting to discourage you – but it is the opposite. We believe that if you are aware about the reality, you will be prepared. And when you are prepared, then you will give yourself the best chance of finding success.

Why are the odds so low? It is because of the numbers. Think about how many videos are present about any given topic. Now think about how much time you have on your hands to watch such videos. So how many of those videos will you watch? Even if it is your favorite topic and it is all you watch, you will probably see five or ten percent of the content. And that is a high amount. Most people will watch one percent of the videos about a topic in a given month. Because that one percent is enough to give them the info or the entertainment they want.

buy YouTube views

Now this is why we encourage you to buy YouTube views when you start on YouTube. The reason is simple: when you buy YouTube views, it makes you stand out. It gives you the view count that you would get if you had an established channel, but it skips those steps. You can get those views artificially, but they will appear as real views on YouTube. Not only will it quickly unlock monetization on your channel, but it also means that you will be able to attract others to watch your videos.

We can take the example of someone who makes videos about real life events. Let us say that you watched the Grammy awards last night and then you made a reaction video. You are putting up the video today, and you want people to notice it. The chances are that 100s of others are doing the same thing – which means only some of you will get a ton of views. And only some of you can have your videos at the top page of search results when people ask for “Grammy reaction videos,” from the YouTube search bar.

If you have bought views right as you posted your video, within 24 hours you have 10,000 or more views. That means you are probably the first three or four videos that appears in the results page. And this means there is a very good chance that half of the people who search for such content will at least give your video a chance. Now if you have a great video, those people will watch, give you a thumbs up and they may even subscribe. But if your video was not visible, you would not even get those views. This is why we advocate for buying views initially.