Toys that Enhance Learning – Fun Train Sets

It’s no secret that children do a fair amount of developing during the first few years of life. This is the time where they learn to not only speak but to engage others. Mobility skills are being developed and used during this time, as well. It is important for parents to find toys that will enhance the learning process. There are many different types of toys that fit into this category.

You can purchase train sets for toddlers to achieve these goals. These are toys that introduce vivid colors to children. At the same time, they bring sound and motion into the world of toddlers. Parents can find these products based upon name brands, pricing and capabilities. Some of these are simple designs that peak interests. Others are very complex and connect to the learning process.

Vtech Smart Wheels

Vtech is one of the premier names when it comes to toys. Not only is this brand known for introducing colorful pieces to children, they provide much more. They offer age appropriate toys that spark engagement and learning. The Smart Wheels train sets for toddlers is one example in this category. It comes with 32 individual track pieces and 15 feet of thrills.

train sets for toddlers

Fisher Price Geo Trax

Another proven name as it relates to great learning toys is Fisher Price. The Geo Trax product offers children a remote control device. This is one of the train sets for toddlers that include 15 pieces of track. Along with these are colorful components and a 3-piece train. The train comes with a caboose, log cart and cargo section.

Vtech Spiraling Tower

The Spiraling Tower train set adds to the overall excitement that these toys provide. This is a Vtech product that comes with fun components that are unique. One of these is the car wash and another is the gas station. Each of these along with the tower provides toddlers with hours of thrills. The Smartpoint van displays a V and provides kids with music and educational phrases.

WolVol Kid Starter Colorful Tracks

The WolVol train set has 50 wooden pieces for kids to play with. It also has colorful tracks that enhance visual appeal. Included with the set of pieces are 4 individual vehicles and 6 people. Toddlers will be able to handle trees, buildings and other components. These are projects that can be worked on daily for enjoyment.

The toys that you purchase during the early years are as important as the lessons you teach. Toddlers are sponging up the sights and sounds surrounding them. They will enjoy the movement and colors that train sets provide. At the same time, these are toys that spark conversation and learning experiences. They can be tools to introduce other ideas and to inspire curiosity.

Along with being toys that provide learning opportunities, train sets are a lot of fun. They have moveable components, colorful features and sound. Children from the ages of 1 to 3 will enjoy playing with them. They will also benefit from working with parents to see trains in action.